Categories of Fishing Rod and Reels

To ensure fruitful fishing exercise, you need to select the right fishing rod and reel for you. Determination of the right fishing rod and reels usually depend on the species of fish, the bait to be used and the experience. So many categories of fishing rods and reels exist but here are the major types that you should choose. Spinning is one of the major classes of fishing rod and reels. Spinning fishing rod and reel is inexpensive and easy to use. It has a fixed reel that is mounted on the fishing rod with a wire bail for return the fishing line. The handle is anti-reverse preventing it from rotating while pulling a fish. It has light lures and therefore preferred for cases where its weight should not pull against the rotation of the pool.

Another category of fishing is life rod and reel is bait casting. This kind demands practice and patience to learn the casting accuracy and line control during fishing. This type of fishing rod and reel are preferred for different kinds of fishing. The handles are anti-reverse and have high retrieve speed during fishing. The reels are usually mounted on the rod so that the angler can be able to move the rod backward and forward while the line is moved as a result of the lure's weight. They are also equipped with a spool tension feature for regulation of the centrifuge brake.

Fly casting is another kind of fishing rod and reel where a fly is hooked and cast to imitate the insects. The fly rods are usually long and flexible fishing rods. The reels are always mounted on the rod. Many kinds of cast exist in fly fishing the most common being the forward cast. It involves a complicated procedure where the angler starts the stripping line while whipping moving the rod backward and forward over the shoulder. This ensures that the rod is loaded with sufficient energy that will be used to fly the line to a longer distance giving the angler enough casting distance. Know how to build fishing rod here!

Trolling is another finishing technique the does not necessarily involve the use of the rod and reel. In this method lines of the hook with bait are attached to a moving boat to attract the fish to bite. Trolling is more or less similar to the bait casting since the trolling reels are mounted on top of the rod. Trolling reels can catch heavier fish as compared to bait casting and preferred for large water bodies. For more facts and information about fishing rods you can go to .